Investigating Google Glass Basecamp: Our Verdict? Very Glassy!

MEC@Google – Grasping Google Glass


As part of MEC Google Week we got to head down to Google Glass Basecamp to learn more about the product and literally – get our glass on.

Google Glass basecamp is strategically located in the super trendy and up and coming Kings Cross. By their own admission the current Google Glass product is an early prototype, so the half built nature of the surrounding landscape served a fitting backdrop.

I’ll admit to initially being fairly cynical about glass as a product. Perhaps working in social media has made me learn stark lessons about not believing the hype – witnessing highly acclaimed products be here today…and gone tomorrow, differentiating between fads and sustainable trends, and most importantly appreciating the importance of new digital products and services answering a need or playing a very specific role with an individual’s (very busy and cluttered) digital ecosystem.

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