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  1. WPP’s Data Alliance and Spotify announce global data partnership

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    NEW YORK – November 15, 2016WPP’s Data Alliance and Spotify today data_alliance_1041x471announced a global partnership for collaboration in data, insights, creative, technology, innovation, programmatic solutions, and new growth markets. WPP now has unique listening preferences and behaviors of Spotify’s 100 million users in 60 countries. The multi-year deal provides differentiating value to WPP and its clients by harnessing insights from the connection between music and audiences’ moods and activities. Music attributes such as tempo and energy are proven to be highly relevant in predicting mood, which enables advertisers to understand their audiences in a new emotional dimension.

    New insights uncovered in the partnership enable better campaign planning, the development of more relevant creative and enhanced targeting that connects consumers to the right messages, at the right time and on the right platform. It supports the development of data-fueled solutions for clients across the advertising life cycle; and in particular, the arrangement will give WPP agencies unrivaled insights for making impactful brand connections with hard-to-reach Millennial and Generation Z consumers.

    “WPP and Spotify are humanizing ‘quant’ data by harmonizing it with music preferences as a new window into the mood and emotion of global audiences during daily moments,” said Nick Nyhan, CEO, WPP’s Data Alliance. “It’s not about ‘just’ having data anymore, it’s about finding new ways to create connections through emotion.”

    “Today’s announcement lays the foundation for a long term strategic alliance between Spotify and WPP,” said Alex Underwood, VP Global Head of Agency and Partnerships, Spotify. “This partnership will drive mutual growth and enable us to further unlock the power of technology, creativity and music data for brands.”

    Specific benefits to WPP include:

    • WPP operating companies get first-mover access to Spotify’s mood data via Wunderman’s Zipline™ Data Management Platform. By connecting WPP operating companies’ own data elements to Spotify’s insights on their users’ mood, listening and playlist behavior, activity and location, WPP operating companies can enhance targeting to consumers across channels;
    • WPP operating companies get unique access to Spotify’s data on connected device usage which also supports targeting and the delivery of the right message at the right time;
    • GroupM gets an exclusive infusion of Spotify data into LIVE Panel via Lightspeed Research; this includes Spotify’s internal audience segmentation study;
    • Kantar is conducting media research in 12 markets to help measure the quantity and quality of the Spotify audience compared to radio listeners;
    • WPP operating companies will be launch partners for audio programmatic marketing platforms (PMPs) through AppNexus’ audio programmatic platform;
    • WPP operating companies will be the premier launch partner to Spotify in select new launch markets; and
    • WPP operating companies will enjoy visibility into Spotify’s product roadmap and access to beta testing.

    “The insights we’ll develop from Spotify’s behavioral data will help our clients realize a material marketplace advantage, aiding delivery of ads that are appropriate to the consumer’s mood and the device used,” said Harvey Goldhersz, CEO of GroupM Data & Analytics. “Additionally, when connected to all of the other consumer data we are able to gather from hundreds of sources, this will enhance our ability to have the most complete consumer view in order to help marketers achieve successful outcomes.”


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    Francis Carrero



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  2. WPP’s Data Alliance Inks Global Partnership with GlobalWebIndex

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    Data Alliance and GlobalWebIndex are excited to announce a global partnership to streamline access to rich digital consumer data for WPP companies. GWI runs a 200,0000 person digital consumer market research study covering 34 markets. This data infusion can help WPP marketers make better decisions and provide insights that will ultimately benefit clients across the Group.

    The new partnership enables on-demand access to GWI’s full suite of data and insights solutions for all WPP employees and operating companies, automates the signup process, and allows for deeper and more consistent integration of GWI data into all aspects of client work.

    WPP employees can learn more about the partnership, sign up for free reports or subscribe with WPP preferred pricing at

    GWI will also host a webinar on June 3 at 11am EST with details to be shared shortly.


  3. WPP’s Data Alliance and Facebook Partner Globally to Activate Data

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    WPP’s Data Alliance and Facebook have deepened a global partnership giving marketers access to new data-driven solutions that deliver personalization at scale on Facebook. This multi-year partnership is centered on bringing new audience building and measurement tools to market.

    For the first time, marketers can activate WPP’s proprietary data assets within Facebook. Data assets from GroupM, Kantar and Wunderman’s KBM Group will be connected and activated on Facebook, in a way that respects consumer privacy. WPP’s marketers, planners and buyers will have access to unique combinations of WPP and Facebook data assets, enhanced insights, and new audience building solutions. 

    This will help WPP clients effectively create campaigns across all Facebook ad formats, including video, photo, and link ads on both mobile and desktop. Enabling tools that let marketers reach real people across all devices allows marketers to more effectively draw connections between online marketing and real business outcomes.

    WPP companies will also work with Facebook to pilot new data-driven solutions to better measure effectiveness with online and offline sales impact in multiple countries, enhance mix modeling and deepen Facebook Insights.

    Lastly, there will be joint research and thought leadership on new metrics, services and solutions that help brands better leverage Facebook to reach consumers.

    “We gather insights on millions of consumers each year on what people buy and why, including product assortment, retail strategy, brand health, copy testing, campaign effectiveness, media measurement, earned media monitoring and purchase data,” said Eric Salama, CEO of Kantar. “Now we can leverage those learnings for our clients and make them actionable on Facebook.”

    “Facebook and WPP companies work well together,” said Harvey Goldhersz, Chief Data Officer of GroupM. “It was only natural we would want to find more ways to work smarter together. As strategic partners, we want to bridge the measurement gap for brands and help clients develop more meaningful relationships with consumers. This partnership allows us to do that through collaboration, innovation and data activation.”

    “KBM Group cultivates data that allows marketers to paint rich pictures of consumers,” said Gary S. Laben, CEO of KBM Group and Global Chief Data Officer of Wunderman. “Of equal importance is helping brands interact with consumers in ways that will delight the consumer. This partnership with Facebook provides a very meaningful way to help clients connect with consumers in highly-relevant ways, even in emerging markets.”

    “We are committed to deepening our partnerships with the agency ecosystem across technology, media, and data,” said Patrick Harris, Director, Global Agency Development at Facebook. “This global data partnership lays the foundation to provide WPP clients choice in the data they use for media solutions and the proper tools to effectively measure tangible business results on Facebook.”

  4. The Data Alliance and Factual Strike Deal to Enhance WPP’s Mobile Marketing with Location Data

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    Today we announced a global data partnership with Factual, a geo-location data company, enabling WPP operating companies to leverage data that maps more than 65 million businesses in 50 countries to specific locations.

    Through the deal WPP companies, such as GroupM, Kantar, JWT, Cohn & Wolfe and Wunderman can leverage Factual’s data that maps the known location of mobile phones to physical places, including more than 65 million businesses in 50 countries as well as other points of interest.

    Factual’s location data will be integrated into WPP operating companies’ solutions and services, including the Xaxis programmatic platform. New data connections within the Group will allow marketers to create and deliver highly compelling and contextualized mobile experiences, including customisation of mobile app content. Beyond mobile experiences, the location data will be integrated into insights and analytics across WPP’s network.

    “Mobile platforms and data enable us to bring together the digital and physical worlds,” said Nick Nyhan, CEO of The Data Alliance. “Factual is a global data source that can help clients make minute-by-minute, geo-specific decisions so they can deliver the right content at the right time…and in the right place.”

    “Earlier this year Xaxis increased the relevancy of real-time mobile advertising based on what people watch on broadcast TV through Sync,” said David J. Moore, Chairman of Xaxis. “With Factual’s data Xaxis can increase relevancy based on geography.”

    “WPP has a rich history of being in the vanguard of those thinking about how new technologies will transform marketing,” said Gil Elbaz, CEO and Founder of Factual. “The way they are thinking about data and mobile is truly innovative, and I’m looking forward to working with them to drive mobile marketing forward.”

    As WPP drives toward growing global data assets, this partnership with Factual is another step to empower Group companies to be more effective in the mobile space and reach new consumers in emerging markets

  5. WPP’s Data Alliance Partners with DataSift for Unified, Global Social Data Access.

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    WPP’s Data Alliance and DataSift today announced a global data partnership enabling WPP companies to access data from the world’s leading social networks through DataSift’s platform. This partnership allows all WPP companies such as GroupM, Wunderman, Kantar, JWT and Cohn & Wolfe to access social data assets from more than 20 digital platforms, including Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.

    The partnership will provide WPP companies with the enhanced ability to filter and contextualise social data through KBM Group’s I-Behavior Zipline DMPTM. Through the Zipline DMP, DataSift’s social data can be connected with a variety of WPP data assets including TV viewership, research panels, purchase, and consumer data from around the globe for insights, audience building and brand tracking. This partnership makes it possible to bring granular social data to products and services for WPP clients in 110 countries.

    As WPP continues to focus on growing its new media and data investment management businesses, this partnership is another step in its strategic plan to infuse richer social data into marketing and analytics programs across the Group.

    “WPP was already the leading integrated communications services company and is now becoming a leading integrated data company in how we leverage data cultivated from multiple sources,” said Nick Nyhan, Chief Digital Officer of Kantar and CEO of The Data Alliance. “This global partnership will give WPP companies the ability to harness social data and connect it to proprietary WPP data assets in ways that provide richer benefits to clients.”

    “Social data has now become mission critical in developing business strategy, managing brands and understanding markets and customers,” said Rob Bailey, CEO of DataSift. “The DataSift partnership to power WPP’s agencies provides unprecedented access to social data, allowing WPP clients to understand audiences, brand engagement and campaigns more effectively.”

  6. JWT and Cohn & Wolfe Join WPP’s Data Alliance as Partners

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    NEW YORK, Jan. 14, 2014 –The Data Alliance, dedicated to enhancing WPP operating companies’ access to data and data-driven capabilities, is pleased to announce JWT and Cohn & Wolfe joined its governing structure in January.

    Founded by GroupM, Kantar, WPP Digital and KBM Group in 2011, the addition of JWT and Cohn & Wolfe as partners signals an official broadening of The Data Alliance’s scope to infuse data into WPP’s creative and communications services.

    “The decision by Cohn & Wolfe and JWT to join The Data Alliance more formally reflects the growing importance of data in driving creative and communications programming,” said Mark Read, CEO, WPP Digital. “In 2014, we expect WPP agencies to continue to take advantage of the breadth our data assets and we are very pleased to see these agencies invest in this Group-wide collaboration effort to make WPP even stronger in this area.”

    The idea that data powers smarter marketing and delivers better value for clients is transforming WPP’s business. As marketing continues to become more data-driven, The Data Alliance’s mission to enhance WPP operating companies’ access data, foster collaboration and knowledge sharing, and connect data across the Group is more important than ever.

    “As one of the first creative agency members, we will seek to bring a fresh perspective to the data conversation to the benefit of all the creative agencies in the WPP Group,” said Guy Murphy, Worldwide Planning Director, JWT. “This is a natural extension of JWT’s commitment to effectiveness and rigorous understanding in a world of cheap opinions.”

    “To date ‘Big Data’ has been largely untapped by the communications and public relations industry. We’re enthusiastic about being an inaugural PR partner in The Data Alliance to enhance our ability to use data to help drive engagement between consumers and brands,” said Donna Imperato, CEO, Cohn & Wolfe. “Our role in the collaboration will not only allow us to further use data in our client’s integrated marketing programs, but also bring a valuable and applied perspective that represents our discipline, one focused on earned media, storytelling and content.”